Hi and welcome to my blog!  I share little snippets from weddings that I shoot here, along with selects from engagements sessions.  I hope you enjoy!

Erin & Chris

I don’t often shoot weddings in the city, but this one made me want to do it more often! Erin & Chris had a very elegant wedding and were so laid back and relaxed. Beautiful people, beautiful wedding and just about the sweetest Bernese mountain pupper to ever grace the Rosewater Room!

Matt & Alicia

My cousin Matthew and his wife to be Alicia and I took a morning jaunt down around lakeshore to shoot some engagement photos. Great people and trust me - there are some hilarious ones that I don’t think they want me showing off. Needless to say, these two have a great sense of humour and it’s really obvious that they love and have so much fun with each other. Thank you two for the good times!

Ariel & Matt

This wedding is a special one to me as the bride is a very dear friend of mine. I cherish our friendship and this wedding speaks volumes to the amazing group of friends and family that surround her. I’m so happy to have been a part of this wedding and I hope you enjoy some of these photos from the day at Cambium Farms!

Cassandra & Brock

Winter weddings are a fantastic way to break up the winter blues.  They also so happen to look amazing when you get the most beautiful gigantic snow flakes like Cassandra & Brock had!  Truth be told, I used to find winter weddings challenging to shoot.  This wedding changed my mind on all of that.  These two made every moment together on their wedding day beautiful, warm and fun.  I mean, this is likely the only time that I will see a bride feed the cows some apple slices in a wedding dress.  Enjoy a few of my favourites!

Juliann & Kurt

When it comes to back yard DIY weddings, this one has to be one of the nicest I've seen in a while.  It's almost like the bride is becoming a wedding planner or something!  Juliann and Kurt had an amazing and intimate wedding, right in their own front yard.  Then, to follow that, they threw an equally gorgeous reception in their back yard!  I was blown away that while waiting for her hair to set, Juliann and her bride's maids were out there hanging signs and setting up various other elements of this beautiful wedding.  I had my ol' pal Sean Deakin along to shoot this one with me, job extremely well done sir!  Until the next one!